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* Establish Child Support Orders
* Establish Paternity
* Locate non-custodial parents
* Enforce Payment of Child Support
* Modify Child Support Orders

What is the Title IV-D Child Support Program? 

Title IV-D of the Federal Social Security Act requires every state to provide child support services.  This is called the Title IV-D Child Support Program.  In Indiana, the Title IV-D Child Support Program is administrated by the Department of Child Services Child Support Bureau, and is carried out locally by the Adams County Prosecutor’s Office, the office of the county clerk, and the courts.

What services are not available through the Child Support Program? 

The prosecutor's Title IV-D office cannot help with civil matters such as divorce petitions, custody, or parenting time/visitation, nor can they provide legal advice on these issues.  The prosecutor's Title IV-D office represents only the best interest of the child(ren).  The office does not represent either the custodial party or the non-custodial parent. 

Who can open a Title IV-D Child Support case?

It is important to know that not every child support case is a Title IV-D Child Support case.  If two parties represented themselves or hired a private attorney to go to court to establish a child support obligation they might not have a Title IV-D case.  
A child support case can also become a Title IV-D case if a person meets one of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement's criteria for being a mandatory referral to the Title IV-D Program.

Please call our office if you need help with establishing paternity, obtaining a child support order, or enforcement of a child support order.  In some cases, failure to pay child support can result in criminal charges. 

There is no greater responsibility in our society than to care for one’s child.  Our office will diligently and aggressively pursue the collection of support from those who try to avoid this responsibility.

Call or stop by our office so we can help you help your child(ren).  Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   REMEMBER:  The child support phone number is 260-724-5362.

Every child has the right to the financial support from both parents, regardless of whether the parents are married, live together or live separately.  

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