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Prosecutor's Office

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Julie-Marie Brown, Deputy Prosecutor

Mrs. Brown has served as a deputy prosecutor since 2002.  She is assigned to the IV-D (child support) division of the prosecutor's office.  She previously worked as a deputy prosecutor in Allen County, Indiana where she prosecuted misdemeanor and felony drug offenders.  She also works in the law office of Miller, Burry & Brown in Decatur.  

Audra Snyder, Deputy Prosecutor

Mrs. Snyder has served as a deputy prosecutor since 1999.   She handles the prosecution of juvenile delinquency proceedings.  Audra has also been a member of the firm of Schurger Zurcher & Snyder in Decatur, Indiana since 1999.  

Tracy Heltz Noetzel, Chief Deputy Prosecutor

Mrs. Noetzel has served as the Adams County Chief Deputy Prosecutor since 2003. Prior to coming to Adams County, she worked as a deputy prosecutor in Morgan County, Indiana from 1996-1999 and as a deputy prosecutor in Hendricks County, Indiana from 2000-2003.  

Jeremy W. Brown, Prosecutor of Adams County

Mr. Brown was elected as the Adams County Prosecutor in 2014.  Prior to his election, he previously served as Adams County's Chief Deputy Prosecutor from 1998 - 2003.  In 2003, he was hired as a federal prosecutor and worked as an Assistant United States Attorney in the United States Attorney's Office in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He worked exclusively in private practice from 2005-2014.  

Jeremy Brown - Prosecutor